For my first proper post on my comeback, it seemed fitting to do something festive. In keeping with being a bit weird, however, I didn’t want to do the usual fluffy, festive picture. No, I thought I’d do something to do with a Christmas demon, instead.

I know this look isn’t exactly true to the folklore of the Krampus, so sue me. 😛 I got some awesome bento wings and a tail and I felt the need to use them~

Outfit & Accessories
Bodysuit RARE, Bolero RARE, Onyx Bra & Onyx Panties from the Moon Elixir Valhalla Set (TFC!)
Forehead, Shoulder & Forearm from the Aisling Sadianie set (TFC!)
Bento Devil Tail (Longer) from Aii
Blood Demon Princess Horns from Aii
Bento Devil Wings (Back) from Aii
Faun Kit Hooves from Catseye
Fantasy Elf Ears from Mandala
Hydra Bento Rings from Absolut Vendetta

Vita Catwa Catya Skin & Maitreya/Omega Body Appliers in D Tone (Soft) from The Sugar Garden
Catya Bento Mesh Head from Catwa
Catya Bento Mesh Fangs V2 from Catwa
Bento Prohands from Vista
Sugar HUD 04 Hair from Magika
Horror Eye Set for Catwa Eyes from POUT!
Eye Makeup from the Essential Kit for Catwa from Shiny Stuffs
Helli Chapstick Omega Applier in Black from The Sugar Garden (Freebie!)
Vamp/Gold Metallic Pack Nail Polish from Alaskametro

Batty from Opulence Poses
Catya Anim HUD A from Catwa
Bento Prohands HUD from Vista




I successfully managed to keep this under my proverbial hat until now, but hey, guess who’s opening a pose store in the new year and needs bloggers to help her get off the ground!

That’s right, me!

I’m looking for active, dedicated bloggers with a penchant for all things pretty and/or interesting. You can read the full requirements on the Google form, where you can also apply to blog for me!

You have until the 13th of January 2017 to apply, and I’m hoping to open on the 20th of January in world and on the MP, hopefully with some Bento compatible poses to boot!

Here’s the link to the Google form!

I’m (Tentatively) Coming Back to SL


I know, I know, no one probably even noticed that I was gone.

I’ve had some RL issues, to say the very least. Money issues making buying anything in SL impossible, being evicted for no reason, being stalked by the ex I used to run this blog with… The latter made me just completely disappear online and offline, to be honest. I had no desire to even sit at my computer, let alone log into SL, where they were harassing me and my current partner using countless alts, for a few months there, as well as stalking us in RL. I’m sure you can all understand why I felt this way and, to a certain degree, still do.

There’s now a restraining order out against them to keep them from harassing me and Josh and so far, so good. I haven’t heard from them since the order was put in place, which was a couple of months ago now, so I finally feel somewhat comfortable blogging and wandering the grid again.

I know they’re still around on SL but I’ve blocked every avatar of theirs and their friends, minus a couple of mutual friends who I trust not to get involved in this bullshit.

As soon as I can afford it, I’ll be investing in Catwa’s new Bento project head with all the add-on’s. Honestly, how pretty is she?! And the face being customisable to some extent is just glorious – finally no more carbon copies of us, folks! The Vista hands also look very promising – nicer than Slink, (whose fingers I always thought looked very… frail,) and Maitreya’s built in hands with no poses other than a relaxed one!

I may also attempt to make some poses too, now that Bento is slowly being rolled out across popular viewers or is in BETA with them or whatever. Being able to actually animate faces and hands? Kickass.

I’ll be rebranding my site and Flickr as soon as I can afford all the new Bento accoutrements to take fancy screenies with! Which should be early next week, hopefully.

For the first time in months, I’m actually looking forward to logging in and being able to blog again. Time heals all wounds at the end of the day, and I’m not prepared to let anyone hold me back any longer – even if it’s something as simple as blogging.

A Walk On The Wild Side


finally convinced my beau to get the Logo Ethan mesh head, and doesn’t it suit him wonderfully?! He’s a Logo convert now, for sure. 😀

I’m also in LOVE with this location! The Ippos Collective is a collection of four sims full of artists, creators and other fun people like that. Ippos itself is a GORGEOUS sim, full of little nooks and crannies to take gorgeous pictures in! I haven’t had chance to look at the other three sims yet, but rest assured, I will be going back there for sure. Just be aware, if you visit, that The Ippos Collective is partly residential! Don’t burst into peoples’ homes or use their props and furniture without asking first!

On Hero
Amitomo Joining You Gacha Outfit – 2 (K9!) / Bleich Dragon Sandals – White
Nylon Outfitters Funky Earrings – Donut / Yummy Dreamcatcher Ring &
Necklace – Gold / Yummy Simple Chains – Gold (C88!) / ieQED Summer
Ring – 09 (K9!) / {anc} ThornCombiBangle

Logo Mesh Head – Alex / Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara / AlterEgo Tia Skin – Lumiere
Buzzeri Glacier Eyes – Angel / Mandala Steking Ears Season 5 / Cureless Komainu
Guardians Tattoo / Cubic Cherry Cutesy Nosering – Heart Gold / Spellbound Ritual
Hair & Hat – Chapter III / Punch Butterfly Kiss Facial Piercing

On Josh
Scars Denim Shirt – Light Blue (TMD!) / Scars Roll Up Shorts – White (TMD!)
Kibitz Fabi’s Dream Necklace – Brown/Silver / Illi Sean Sandals

Logo Mesh Head – Ethan / Slink Physique Male Mesh Body / Go&See Dexter Skin – Tan
Insufferable Dastard Dreamer Eyes – Hazel (TMD!) / Speakeasy Dala Tattoo (TMD!)
Punch Double Stud Septum / Elua Thao Hair – Dark Browns

Purple Poses – Couple 361